Biological Models Research and Technology
Biological Models Research and Technology
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Sociedade Brasileira de Ciência em Animais de Laboratório (SBCAL)

Welcome to Biological Models Research and Technology (BMRT)!

Laboratory Animal Science is a multidisciplinary field of biomedical research that involves the production and scientific use of animal models. Animal models are used because they are as complex as humans in their various systems. Therefore, it is important to recognize and be reminded of this similarity and complexity when using these animals.

Despite being used for years, laboratory animal science and animal modeling are recent areas of study. Science recognizes that areas such as animal behavior and well-being, genetics, health status, nutrition, and several others can have an impact on results, just as they can have an impact on humans. This similarity highlights the importance of conducting scientific studies in laboratory animal science.

Teaching laboratory animal science, ethical use of animals, outreach activities, development and validation of alternative methods are also essential areas and will have a special focus at Biological Models Research and Technology.

Laboratory Animal Science is a highly technological area that involves the construction of new facilities for animal production and use, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for the macro and microenvironment, barriers, and biosecurity measures. Biological Models Research and Technology will be open to these and other new areas related to animal models.

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