Biological Models Research and Technology
Biological Models Research and Technology
2nd August, 2022

BMRT ARTICLES: Manuscripts can now be complemented by video and podcast

Articles published in the Biological Models Research and Technology Journal offer authors a set of: i) Handwritten form, published online and for download in PDF version; ii) Video presentation, the author(s) can make a short video explaining the details of the published work. This video is permanently stored on the BMRT Youtube Channel and is accessible to the public; and iii) An interview in Podcast format with the author of the work, allowing the public to better understand the methodology, results and conclusions.
In addition, each published article, Video Presentation and Podcast are continuously exposed on our social networks, encouraging the reading of the manuscript and the submission of new articles.



On the main page click Current Edition. Choose an article and click "Abstract". If the BMRT ARTICLE is complete, at the end of the Abstract there will be two links: 1) Youtube channel and 2) Spotify channel. If not, wait, as the authors are still preparing the material to be sent.

Biol M Res & Tech

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