Biological Models Research and Technology
Biological Models Research and Technology

About the Journal

Brief History:

In 2012, the Journal of the Brazilian Society for Laboratory Animal Science (RESBCAL) was created. The proposal of RESBCAL was to publish studies in laboratory animal science (LAS) and its different areas in support of biomedical research. 

In 2021, the journal decided to have its own server to maintain its collection, have a new system for submission and review processes, and open the journal to the international. community. The Biological Models Research and Technology (BMRT) was born with this professional structure. A journal linked to SBCAL and accessible to the international community.

The BMRT aims to be a space for technical/scientific publications and intends to motivate collaborative studies in all LAS areas.

The BMRT also intends to be a channel to publicize the proceedings of the Latin American Laboratory animal science meetings.   


BMRT areas:

The scope of the journal involves five major areas:

Area I: Education, legislation, ethics, and biosafety in laboratory animals;

Area II: Animal welfare and behavior;

Area III: Production and husbandry of biological models;

Area IV: Use of the biological models for scientific and didactic purposes;

Area V: Facility's building and management;

Area VI: Alternative methods to the use of animals and non-conventional biological models.

Biol M Res & Tech

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